Announcing a New Blog Site for “Trauma and Philosophy”

As this new year of 2017 begins, I want to announce that I am switching my blog “Trauma and Philosophy” to a new website. Henceforth, please follow my posts at this new location:

What you will find at the new site so far is material that I have already posted here at the old site. However, beginning next Monday, January 9, I will be putting up new posts at the new site–but no longer at this one.

My regular posting days at the new Trauma and Philosophy site from now on until further notice will be Mondays.

Thank you all for following my blog!

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  1. Good afternoon Prof. Seeburger. My heart is too small to embrace everything, personal or historical, that I’m ashamed of!! So, here you have it: a man carrying a heavy load!!! But it was a nice discovery to find you as the author of this blog. Many years ago, I think in the 1970s?, I attended your seminars on Phenomenology and Heidegger at DU in Denver. I was just “auditing” your class, not a formal student. At that time I was teaching philosophy at Community College of Denver. Listening to your lectures on BEING AND TIME was for me an important moment in my life, and still is. I just want to thank you for those memorable days sitting at you class.

    PS: I am the one who gave you a book by Karl Rahner, S.J. The title of the book, SPIRIT IN THE WORLD. Fr. Rahner was a student of Heidegger.

    • Thank you, Rafael! I remember you, to be sure–and I still have Rahner’s “Spirit in the World” on my shelves. I learned from reading Rahner, and continue to have great respect for his work. It was good to hear from you–and to read your kind word!

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