Klaus Theweleit and the Fantasies of Fascist Males, #7


What follow is my final journal entry, first written on the date indicated below, addressing the first volume of Klaus Theweleit’s Male Fantasies.  The entry below consists solely of four citations from that first of two volumes.  In my next post, I will move on to an entry concerning his second, concluding volume.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Theweleit, p. 377:

At the end of the section on the marriages of solder males, I said that these men never break free of their mothers or reach beyond their sisters.  Now it becomes possible to indicate more precisely why.  The (threatening) attachment to the mother remains,  because, in all likelihood, dissolution of the earlier symbiosis was too abrupt to allow the boy to form an independent ego.  The sister, however, remains a “boundary,” by virtue of the incest commandment [and not just prohibition:  a “double bind”] that is inculcated in the boy.

P. 378:

Just as military armament, advertising, and administration function by skimming off and absorbing a portion of amassed social wealth or surplus value as a means of maintaining the lack by which the system stands or falls [my italics:  a model of addiction], so also the force of production of women is constructed into the system of power relations through functions of antiproduction, as a kind of agency of antiproduction within desiring-production itself.

Pp. 416-417, with special reference to the Frankfurt School:

Ideologiekritik-based studies of paperbacks written for “the masses” . . . don’t give any thought to the thrills that run through the body of a woman reading a hospital romance; they merely find the error in her thinking.  Yet what the masses (all of us) suffer most from are “false” feelings, feelings that are perverted, alienated from their goals [thus, inauthentic in Heideggerian language], and turned into their opposites.

As a consequence:  “Our bodies cramp up when they try to feel pleasure; sweat breaks out where love should . . .”

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